I be NERDY for Harry Potter.

Whenever I meet someone new, especially in a work situation, I inevitably bring up two (sometimes three, that is, if I can read the person right) topics.

001/ Harry Potter.
002/ Arrested Development.
003/ Metalocalypse (sometimes).

The other two things are fantastic but... Harry Potter unites nations. Harry Potter brings together people who might not have ever been friends. Harry Potter cures baby polio and feline leukemia.

In short, ILOVEHARRYPOTTER and so should you.

Jaya and I met up with our HP viewing buddy @ CityWalk in Universal Studios to watch the midnight showing of #7 IN IMMAAAAXXX.

Sadly, I didn't dress up in costume (boooo on me) but I reallly wanted to find a way to bust out my "Hedwig look-a-like perched on my shoulder" look.

CityWalk at night.

Outfit Photos:
"Like, OMG, Harry Potter's gonna be AWESOME!"
What I wore:
+Beanie: from the cooolest, Jennifer of Jasifer Lions Club.
+Floral scarf: Mitsuwa (japanese supermarket).
+Army jacket: PCC Flea Market.
+Purse: Torrance Flea Market.
+Jeggings: ON.
+Chambray sneaks: Vans.

On Jaya (who's looking a bit like Kaya, because she's, like, 85% of what she's wearing is my clothes):
+Houndstooth scarf (mine): ??
+Demin Jacket: Target.
+Patterned purse (mine): Torrance Flea Market.
+Green/black sweater (mine-ish): Salvation Army.
+Cords (mine): ON.
+Floral Doc Martens (from J to me! thanksss, sis): Doc Martens.

Our friend and her BF having a quick makeout sesh with Ron and Hermione.

This is the face... umm, maybe forearms, of TRUE DEVOTION. Next matching HP tattoo? They say the "Deathly Hallows" symbol, I say Dobby's sweet, sweet, adorable face.
 (Can you imagine this FOREVER on your arm? I can too.)

And oh yeah, and Twilight sucks major balls. SOORRRRY (that JK Rowling's is a better author).