Best Week Ever.

The week has just begun, but it's turning out to be AN AWESOME ONE. As you tell from the last post (thanks again Jennifer), I've been "Reaganing", and it's been pretty fantastic. Here are some of the highlights :

001/ First-ishofly, I got a (decent) hair cut!
It's not really picture worthy, but this is the first time in about 3+ years that I actually let someone other than myself or Jaaaa trim the ends. Soooo, if you find yourself in the Highland Park/Eagle Rock area of L.A. and you're hankering for a new mohawk/Louise Brooks-ish bob, try out Manic Panic on York Blvd.  Not only did I go away with a super glossy hair, but also a strangely better understanding of the psychobilly/punk/blues/cowbell scene of the outskirts of L.A. (thanks to music-connoisseur/hairstylist Laura).

Since I don't have a picture of my hair'did, here's a picture of my new shoes! Found them at the Alhambra (bi-annual) Flea Market for $1. Say WHAT?! What.
Oh, and me on Halloween (pre-hair cut). Rawwwr.

002/ Secondishly, I FOUND NEW EYEGLASSES.
I've been on a lifelong quest to find the ultimate eyeglasses and I think I'm almost there. I found this vintage black + gold beauty at the PCC Flea Market for $10. It doesn't fit my face perfectly just yet (it doesn't sit straight across my face, it skews high on the right- does anyone know how to fix this?), but maybe the fine folks of Target Optical can help me with that... maybe... ehhhh. We'll see.

On the way to PCC Flea Market and haircut.

003/I finally got my new debit card.
It only fucking took 3 weeks. Thanks, Chase. Nonetheless, thank you for making me realize that I should always have cash in hand.

On an unrelated note, saw this real-live Dr. Rockso doppelgänger on Olvera St. during the Dia De Los Muertos Festival. It was haunting.

004/ TOMORROW'S MY BIRRTTHHHHDAY (and by default, Jaya's too), and well, techinally, it's in 5hr! Spaaaanks a billion to my sister who already got me my gift... well, I guess paid for it. Anyway, I LOVES IT. (But I's still waiting on that Ipod Touch... so, Christmas? HAAAAA).

And my gift to you, Jaya, a semi-working PeeWee Herman doll. LOVE YOU.: