Before I FORGET: What I wore... the next day.

As my mom would say, this is what I wore to "debut" my new tattoo at the Rose Bow Flea Market, which (as a side note) sucked balllllls because it combined two of my other greatest hates: people and allergies.

I'm going to try to keep my hate (and the length of my post) to a minimum, because, as my horoscope said the other day, "goodness and positive vibes."


David Bowie's Young Americans and Tom Petty's American Girl have been on repeat on my Ipod this summer, hence my 70s preppie republican look.
Young American.
Ms. Smirky McSmirkison. Smile, FACE, SMILE! 
Young American.
+Clubmaster sunglasses: BleuDame.com.
+Beaded Necklace: Torrance Antique Flea Market (a $3 steal!).
+Blue & cream striped button-up: Salvation Army (another $3 steal!).
+Purse: Torrance Antique Flea Market.
+Coon tail: Indian trading post in Lee Vining, CA.
+Belt: Target.
+Cut-off shorts: jeans turned into cut-offs by ON.
+Oxfords: Rose Bowl Flea Market.