That's Soooo Stochastic: Hair + Sunglasses Edition.

Awhile back, I was thinking about doing a post on my new, fantastical bright red hair color.

Awhile back, I was thinking of posting up my freshly purchased pink polk-a-dot'd and black polk-a-dot'd sunglasses.

So instead of troubling... myself (me hates me keeping me too busy) of doing two long-winded posts on two things, ONE POST ON TWO THINGS. It's, like, genius.

Since then, I've changed hair colors and gotten new sunglasses, and here's a visual timeline of me... being me.

[Because saying, "That's so random" is soooo early 2000's/"Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," just say "That's sooo stochastic." You'll feel smart (even if your saying something dumb).]

To achieve this hair color: A quick bleaching (less than 20 minutes), then mix 80% Adore Haircolor in Crimson Red (or Rich Fuschia) + 20% Adore Haircolor in Purple Rage. I call it my "Ronald McDonald Special Sauce."

From JC Penney's (whaaaa? I know).
Black + Polkadot Sunglasses.
From Target (but years ago, sooo don't go googling it).
Target HRG's.
Mosley Tribe Sunglasses.
From Alexander Wang (have since been returned do to "fat face").
Alexander Wang Glasses.

Now we move on to the "Brownie Times." To achieve hair color: Wash out as much of the red hair dye as possible, then re-dye with L'Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color, Medium Brown Truffle 5.

From ASOS.
Clear + Mirrored Sunglasses.
From BleuDame.com (I hate this picture, but these are my go-to glasses).
Clubmaster Sunglasses (#002).

Clubmaster Sunglasses.

Thaaaaat's A LOT of face photos, but it's done. DONE DEAL. I've been staring at these pictures for awhile, and NOW I realize why people think I hate them and/or that I'm angry (they reeeeally do. I get a lot of "I thought you didn't like me!", "How come you don't smile?", and "Are you all right?" comments): STOP FURROWING YOUR BROWS, it's bad for your face.

**EDIT: P.S. Went to the Long Beach Flea Market for the first time and it was.... eh. It's hard to get excited when you see THE SAME VENDORS from another flea market THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY TO GET INTO (cough, cough PCC Flea Market- ILOVEYOU).
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