"Some Summer Day" Mixtape: A Lazzzzy Summer Time Issue.

I trying not to be one of those people who's complaining about the mild weather here in L.A., buuuuut, WHAT THE WHAT, am I right?!

Today, it was about 83 degrees with a slight wind... and it's almost August.

Where's the blistering heat?! Where's the melt-your-face-off sun?!

It's 2010- where the fuck is my jet pack and hover board?! Sorry, sorry, I disgress. I get into this thing and... ehhhh, that's another discussion.

Annnnnyway, here's my Summer mixtape! There's not much in the way of new music in this playlist, just some songs you might want to listen to on a lazy summer day.

This mixtape is different for me because it went in this totally 90s "soft rap" route? 90s "soft rap"? Is that a thing? Maybe?? Can you feel the inflection in my voice rising and rising AND RISING with each question I ask? YES? Stop it, Kaya.

Welllll, this has some favorites on here: my fav Tom Petty song, my fav Cranberries song (hellllo, The Babysitter's Club movie, anyone?), my favorite John Fahey song, my favorite Kinks song (shout out to Jaya: we're no longer strangers, my friend), and, as in most of my summertime mixtapes, Led Zeppelin's Going to California (allllways a must). Click on the title to download (only good for 7 days)!

Summer 2010:: Some Summer Day Mixtape:
001/ Summertime: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
002/ Animal: Miike Snow
003/ Teen Creeps: No Age
004/ Dreams: The Cranberries
005/ Bitch Look At Me Now (Two Weeks): Childish Gambino
006/ On A Sunday Afternoon: A Lighter Shade of Brown
007/ Roll Another Joint: Tom Petty
008/ Strangers: The Kinks
009/ Feeling Good: Nina Simone
010/ Going to California: Led Zeppelin
011/ The Great Gig In The Sky: Pink Floyd
012/ Feel It All Around: Washed Out
013/ Tightrope: Yeasayer
014/ Some Summer Day: John Fahey

This made me laugh and LAUGH AND LAUGH. Eventhough he's on the fast track to ruining my great state of CA, The Governator has a COVER BAND. "WHHHA?" you ask? In this video, the metal band, Austrian Death Machine, basically scream/sings dialogue from his greatest movie, Kindergarten Cop. If you're not into speed metal, skip over to the 0:30 second mark to hear them scream, "YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE/ MIGHT BE A TUMOR. IT'S NOT A TUMOR/ IT'S NOT A TUMOR." Another great line? "IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO MY DADDY IS" (found at the 1:00 minute mark). Annnnother great line? "AND ALL THESE QUESTIONS GIVE ME A HEAD..... ACHE." (at the 2:14 minute mark).

Also, yesterday was the first time I've ever heard a Drake song. Really. Jaya had to email his song, Over, and it ain't bad. I still don't know who you are Drake, but I will figure you out! And with that, here are the other musical gems filling my ears (that couldn't make it on the playlist):

MIMS: This Is Why I'm Hot

Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh: La Di Da Di

This strangely looks a LOT like what I wore in the last post, which is weird, because I normally dislike wearing sooo much black, especially in hot(ish) weather. This is my version of what Jaya wore, based on this picture from No Futvre.
Outfit Thief!

Outfit Thief!
More details:

Outfit Thief!
+Lace top: Target.
+Clubmaster sunglasses: bleudame.com.
+Studded belt: my sister's.
+Chambray shorts: Forever 21.
+Suede leather sandals: my sister's, via Nordstrom's Rack.
+Brown purse: Torrance Antique Flea Market?
+Racoon tail: from an Indian outpost in Lee Vining, CA.
Ohhhh, look at that white hair! Fun fact about meeeee: My first white hair popped up when I was about 12 years old. I don't know much I have now (constant hair coloring), but ONE DAY (shaking fist at sky), I will go Rouge-style (via X-Men)! Gambit, you can call me, "Mon Cherie" anytime.