Think BLUE: The L.A. Flea Market.

Over the weekend, Jaya and I went to the FIRST EVER L.A. Flea Market at Dodger Stadium and it was... ehh.

But I won't judge it too harshly because, you know, it was only the first one, and it was 304983023 degrees outside. At one point, we were walking up a small hill and it just felt like we were getting closer and CLOSER sun- it was pretttty gnarly.

The funniest thing- not that many people walking the flea market, but TONS of people surrounding the food trucks. WHAAA? You paid $5 to get in just so you can pay another $7 for fried things that you could get cheaper in Chinatown?! (But to keep it real, we paid, like, $4 for curly fries and garlic mayo).

The only things that we ended up buying (beside delicious fries) were a handful of friendship bracelets (a couple to wear, another to send to a friend); a semi-precious stone ring for Jaaaaa, and two bug marbles (explained below). Soooo, we didn't make out like bandits, but at least I ended the day with cash in my pockets!! WHAT WHAT!

The stadium:
Some gold + black fans:

Jaya: "I wonder how much that it?"
Me: "The gold panther?"
Jaya: "Ummm, I guess that, too. I meant the rug."
The view of downtown from the Flea Market.

One of the most interesting booths: dead animals and insects captured in plastic. We bought a couple of bugs in flat marbles (one for Jaya, another for a friend who will definitely cringe). 

Ahhhh! A white mouse IN a gear box knob!

What I wore that day. I am AMAZED that I didn't melt in a black top (again, 908324098 degrees outside). I'm a little saddened that I'm not wearing a more thrifted/flea market scavenged get-up, but whatevs, it happened. I'll try harder next time.

Sunglasses:: Bleudame.com
Talon Necklace:: Old dude @ Fairfax Flea Market.
Black top:: H&M.
Brown purse: Torrance Antique Fair/Flea Market.
Leather belt: Target.
Chambray shorts: Forever 21.
Oxford SHOOOOES: Osborn Shoes

If you're interested, the next L.A. Flea Market will be August 29th, so hit it up... if you like food trucks... or if you want to buy things from Rick Dees' garage.