Don't mind me.

I want to MURDER Disqus and/or Blogger.

I think my Comments link isn't working, so I'm posting up something to to sssscheck it out. (If someone knows how to re-install Disqus on Blogger... well, I guess you couldn't TELL ME BECAUSE THE COMMENTS AREN'T WORKING. Dammmmmn you Sharktopus!!)

Here, look at turrrrrible pictures of my ever-growing Fozzie Bear (aka tomato plant). They are sweet with a slightly salty aftertaste (ummm, sounds dirty) and are the perfect size for salads.

Here are some recent style inspirations (found on HOY, Stil in Berlin, and Hel-Looks):

**EDIT: It works! The murderous rage storm I was feeling earlier has subsided and now, looking back at those style pictures: I want #001's hair, I want #002's color palette, I want #003's... EVERYTHING (demeanor included), and lastly, I want #004's adorableness (and hair and necklace).