Just Another Mixtape: April Issue.

The theme for this month's [The Monthly Mixtape] was a "geek" theme. I dunno, but I wasn't reeeeeally feelin' it. Maybe it was "a little derivative" ("'A parody's always a derivative.' 'But it's not organic, you know what I mean?'" Ohhh, I LOOOVE you, Kelly and Ryan!).

Anyway, I just reposted my "Open Windows" mixtape (it's a mixtape of music you'd want to hear playing out of an 'open window'. whhhaaa? self-explanatory?!) and it's a litttttle long.

**A side note to the young babies out there: no mixtape should really exceed 12 songs. I know some whiners out there are saying, "WHHHAAA? NOOOO! I have TONS of good music that everyone has to hear!!" NEWSFLASH: No. No ones wants to hear it. Get over yourself and learn some restraint.

With that being said, mine's 17 songs long (I know, I's a hypocrite), but really it's "transitional": first half is a daytime playlist which moves into the last half (aka 'nightime'). Ohhh, that sounds pretty "derivative" doesn't it?? Click on the title to download it (good for only the next 7 days). ENJOY.

::04.2010:: Open Windows Mixtape::
001/ Talking Heads: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
002/ The Jam: That's Entertainment
003/ Shout Out Louds: Normandie
004/ The Futureheads: Hounds of Love (Kate Bush Cover)
005/ McLusky: To Hell With Good Intentions
006/ New Order: Age of Consent
007/ Passion Pit: Sleepyhead
008/ Hail Social: The One U Love
009/ Band of Skulls: Blood
010/ James Brown: It's A Man's World
011/ Suckers: It Gets Your Body Moving
012/ The Redneck Manifesto: The Dillon Family Dancers
013/ Band of Skulls: Cold Fame
014/ Hot Chip: Look After Me
015/ Hooverphonic: 2 Wicky
016/ The Gossip: Are U That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover)
017/ Seals and Croft: Summer Breeze

**OBLIGATORY PICTURE POST: "Future Native American"/Because my sister dressed better than me:
Jaya FINALLY to wore her awwwesome indigenous necklace (bought in Solvang) outside of her apartment and I FINALLY convinced her that magenta/hot pink was "her color." This was the conversation we had at Sephora:

Jaya: (after applying magenta lipstick): I look like a future Native American.
Me: "Future" Native American? Are you becoming Native American? So, not futuristic Native America?

***BECAUSE I'M FEELING IT: Minor Threat's Stumped
My sister sent me this Minor Threat song a while back and I just FELL IN LOVE with it. I suggest you give this a listen, maybe when you're getting ready to step out or if you want to dance yourself out of bed. AND DANCE AND DANCE AND DANCE AND DANCE.... AND DANCE AND DANCE!


  1. ahhh!!:@#$ you have like the two greatest cover songs ever on this mix.

  2. Look at you being all streets ahead!

    And please make a future road trip playlist! Maybe even a futuristic road trip playlist.

  3. You and your sister are so amusing, haha

  4. I love that I have half the songs already. We're seriously so alike! I'm all up on mixtapes; I make them for every occasion: cleaning, getting ready to go out, road-trip, sexxing it up, reading.

    P.S. When are we hanging out? You, me, your sis.

  5. yess i love this! thank you so much for posting these every month! i've been playing passion pit nonstop lately.

  6. @jennifer ann.: A little FYI: I LOOOOOVE cover songs & AGREED, these are a couple of the best.

    @Gazel: Thaaaaaanks! I'm glad we're coming off as amusing and not annoying.

    @corazones rojos: Hahahah! I make mixtapes for everything tooo! One for changing in the mornings, one for driving at nighttime, and another for walking up a flight of stairs.... And we should hanging out! Flea market-ing or thrift store shopping with the master (aka you)?! DONE DEAL. Let's doooooo this.

    @thepocketrocket: MINOR THREAT!!!!!!!!

    @christina: I scream/sing "Have you seen me cry tears like diamonds?" on the top of my lungs every chance I get.

  7. Ohhh and not to miss out on some sisterly love:

    @heebiejeebiejaya: I'M ALWAYS GONNA BE STREETS BEHIND.... I'm mean AHEAD. HAHAHAHAHA.