"She's just making fun of you Kaya." A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Celebration.

My mom around my age, back in the day and KILLIN' IT.

Pearls of PURE WISDOM from my Mom:
+ "You can dress simply, just ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE."

+ Mom: "What's the name of that actor, Jack Human?" Me: "Do you mean Hugh Jackman?"

+ Mom: "I didn't realize it, but I like cowboy music." Me and Jaya: "Oh, okay... is that different from country music?" Mom: "I heard Alan Jackson the other day.... oh wait, hahahaha country music!"

+ "Ohh, here (hands me a gold tassel necklace), I thought you might like this because of that thing you wore that one time."

+ Jaya to me: "Your tomato plants are groooowing!" Mom to me: "I think your sister is making fun of you Kaya."

LOOOOOOVE YOU, MOM. Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! Enjoy the cupcakes and flowers.

Back at my old job, I left a note for a co-worker asking her to cover my shift "because it was my moms birthday." After my co-worker read the note, she came up to me AND THIS HAPPENED:

CO-WORKER: "Sure, I'll cover your shift. But can I ask you a question? Do you really have two moms?"

ME: "Whaaa?"

CO-WORKER: "You wrote moms..."

ME (thinking to self: I was trying to sound cool, hip and urban... like, "I LUVZ YOU, MOMZ!"): "No."

CO-WORKER: "Oh, okay. Cool. Just asking. I'll cover your shift."


  1. haaha, awe! your mom is pretty :3

  2. AWW, this makes me tear up! :) Your mom is simply beautiful.

  3. I laughed and laughed and laughed because ITS ALL TRUE. And I'm pretty sure she still thinks that I don't talk to you because I only mock and ridicule you -- WAIT SHE'S RIGHT!

    And now, because of the "cowboy music" mix up, I'm researching it. TEXAS RANCH HOUSE! WAIT, What?!