Nobody gonna BREAK-A MY STRIDE. (pt. II)

PART TWO: The Thrift Store Haul.

Ummm, I strangely don't know how to intro this one. Sooooo many people have talked about how/where/why they shop at thrift stores so lemme shut my face up with just three words: PICTURE MONTAGE TIME!! (p.s. I'm only going to annotate the clothes that are thrifted. If you want to know where I got one of the things not mentioned, well, then tough shit. Hahaha, joking! Just ask).

001/ The things my sister makes me do:
Whenever Jaya takes my picture she screams, "And now JUMP! Ohhh, I didn't get it. JUMP again! Almost!" Necklaces and boobs are smacking me in the face while my knees are making this crackling noise every time I hit the floor. But you know what's just the pits? When she crops various body parts out of the picture (note: LH side picture)! But she manages to get at least a couple of shots, so one point for Jaya.
Thrift Store Finds.
+Jacket: Salvation Army.
+Belt: Salvation Army.
+Skirt: Salvation Army (same location as above, but at different time).

Thrift Store Finds.

**SAME DIFFERENCE: Here's Jaya in the same jacket but "jazzing" it up in a different way.

+Jacket: Salvation Army.
+Skirt: Salvation Army.
+[I know I'm making a liar out of myself but...] California Bear Shirt: Flea Market (maybe PCC or Rose Bowl).

002/ Don't give me the romp around:
The day I bought this white anomaly of a romper, I also bought a sleeveless green+purple striped shorts romper (which I think I'll try to sell on my Etsy store first before I lay claim to it). And Jaya also spied armloads (literally ARMLOADS) of denim onesies. Anyway, this "all-in-one", as the Japanese call it, is equal parts A Clockwork Orange, Children Of The Corn (just add straw hat and screams of "outlanders! outlanders!"), and Peter Griffin's "This is what it feels like to be a bear.... Remember I use to say, 'What would it feel like to be a bear?' Well, I'm living it, baby" feety-pajama moment. 

Oh, and sorry for the long Family Guy quote, but in all honesty, while I was taking these picture I kept on saying, "This is what it feels like to be a bear. This is what it feel like to ba-hr."
Thrift Store Finds.
+Romper: Salvation Army.

**INTERESTED?: Here's the other romper that I'm gonna sell:
Green + Purple Striped Romper.

003/ Raccoons love Palm Springs:
Apologies now, sister, but this one of the only pictures I have of this strangely adorable raccoon/Palm Springs shirt. 

I should prefix that sentence with the fact that I collect and own state/city graphic tees. This one happens to be for Palm Springs, CA (why there's a raccoon on it, who knows?); others that I own: Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Toronto, (something state? something) Canada; the states of CA, Maine, and VA; a couple of Jamaican ones ("Hey Mon" & "Jus' Cool"); and one that I thought was for Salem (for either Massachusetts or Oregon) but it turns out to be for the cigarettes. Woh woh. 
Thrift Store Finds.
+Shirt: Some thrift store in San Diego.


004/ Claudia Kishi v. Dawn Schafer: FACE OFF:
This a sartorial ode to one of literary's most fashionable gal, Claudia Kishi. Here's my little description that I wrote when I posted this outfit on Flickr's various fashion groups: "Trying to channel Claudia's frenetic energy but mixed in with Dawn's hippie hopes and dreams. I'm off to go eat tons of candy and read ghost stories with my favorite Baby-sitters Club."

If you have no idea what I'm referencing, then you should go die in a fire.

Hahaha, I kid. But seriously, toss your compu-tater outside the nearest window and go pick up a goddang book. Preferably, read one out of Ms. Ann M. Martin's The Baby-sitters Club series (one of the earlier books, not the ones with "Abby." Who the hell does she think she is??) and bone up on some of my first style icons.
Thrift Store Finds.

This, crazily enough, doesn't even BEGINNING to showcase our recent finds. I found a long sleeve, forest green velvet tunic top, which I understand "sounds" ridonculous, but in actuality is equal parts juvenile figure skater + Christmastime elf; a hand-crocheted top; a jacket and skirt combo; the most adorable (although entirely polyester) floral+black dress.

I have one last part to this shenanigans: The Army Surplus Store.


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