In The Army Now (1994)

Maybe I'm still feeling a little jingoistic but... have I ever spoken about my true love for In The Army Now?

No, I has not?


I don't even love it ironically (whatever that means). I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. I bring it up in normal conversation more than I should. REALLY.
The Weeeeasel (found on Google Images).
If it's on the t.v., I will scratch your eyes out if you try and change the channel.
The HIIII-larity! (found on Gooogle Images)
I mean, look at that all-star cast of Pauly Shore (!!), and Lori Petty (I LOVE YOU TANK GIRL), the always impressive DAG, and... my sartorial inspiration for this post:
Camo vest?? (found on Google Images)
Andy Dick.

Is that weird? But really, it's only because of the glasses.

The outfit isn't really that great or mindblowing and I should have taken a picture of the shirt (it has bat-wing sleeves and everything...) but any chance it get to talk about In The Army Now...  I TOLD YOU! Can't stop talking about it.
This is my "Hmm, hmm YES, APPROVED" face.
Further proof of my lovelove? My personal ticket stub that I put on my tumblr:

... Is always going to be 90s alt rock music. So here's Spacehog's In The Meantime: