Me all summer long: ICED COFFEE

Perfection in a jar, taken from The Pioneer Woman
Got a craving for coffee that doesn't taste like shit? YES?

Do you have 8-12 hours to kill? MAYBE?

The Pioneer Woman, a food blog, has instructions on how to make the *MOSSSST DELICIOOOUS* cold brew iced coffee.

We've been drinking this condensed coffee and milk mixture like water in my household, so much so that a batch that's suppose to last us 2 weeks is gone within one.

The only problem(s)? I guzzling this caffeinated nectar like at, 8pm, so I'm like Tumblr-ing until 3am. And drinking from a jar bothers me because of the threading; as cool as you think drinking from a jar is, I got iced coffee running down my cheeks and chin like I'm a stupid child (WOH WOH, HIPSTER PROBLEMS).

I was going to take pictures of my own iced coffee, but it's gone. IT'SALLGONE. So lesson learned: drink it up fast, because it will disappear.

Sooo... here's Luxirare using the Toddy Method: