Latest Haul.

The sister and I went to the Torrance Antique Faire/Flea Market the other week and here is a visual list of our awwwwesome purchases.

001/ Outfit
I took my "Giant Screamer's Formula For Eassssy Dressing", but exchanged the dress with an AA cream-colored crop top (from their factory outlet store in L.A.) and a black body-con black skirt from F21 (this skirt is my MOSSSST FAVORITE addition to my wardrobe- I wear at least 2-3 times a week).

Inside black bag: a $5 (working!!) Polaroid camera, a silver V-shaped ring (the seller said it was "big in the 70s"), a enamel bird pin, a 70s design layout book... possible some other things? I can't remember.

And those shoessss.....

002/ TUK Creepers:
IGOTSMESOMECREEPERS! I spied these pair at a vendors stall, but I thought they might be too small for me. But Jaya tried them on anyhow and, BLAPITY BLAP- they fit! I was able to talk down the vendor into giving me them for $13- YAY AREA (I would have totallyhappily paid the original $20 asking price, too).

003/ $1 JEWWWWELRY!:
There's this old man vendor that sells a pretttty bangin' array of cheap jewelry at the flea market (mostly everything is a sweet, sweet $1), and Jaya and I couldn't resist grabbing a handful of necklaces and shit.

Black heart necklace (this looks exactly like $45 vintage red heart necklace J bought at a antique mall in San Juan Capistrano):

(A crapppy photo of a) Unicorn pin:

004/ Ethnic-y bags
The tiny purple-ish one was a $1.50 (but from Deseret Industries Thrift Store); the other was $1 (interesting-ish fact: I saw an older Asian lady with this EXACT SAME BAG at Target. Weird... out of all of my purses...).

**Dance it out, people. DANCE. IT. OUT.