Steppin' Easy.

I've been trying to craft my PERFECT go-to outfit for the past few weeks.

I want something that uses the littttlest amount of brainpower but takes the greatest of easy to put together (I'm saving those precious, delicious brain cells for when tax time rolls around).

I THINK I have found one such outfit and it only take 5(ish) parts to make.
Giant Screamer's Formula For Easssy Dressing:
001/ A pull-on dress: I borrowed my sister's H&M mud+black color block dress when we went thrift store-ing/LA exploring this past weekend. It's not fussy; it compliments my skin tone; and it shows juuust enougn thigh that, when I'm sitting down, it makes it only slightly inappropriate.

002/ Black tights. A duh-doy. I like an opaque one, a patterned one, a knit one... whatever. As long as it conceals the vag area when I'm sitting, IT'S GOOD.

003/ Dark shoes. I borrowed my sister's RATTY hi-top Chuck's, but I coulda easily gone with my black+multi colored oxford Osborns, or my satin black Puma's, or my newfound TUK Creeee-pppers! I sang out that last part (pictures to come).

004/ Denim jacket. Everybody has one. If you don't, then you must be a caveman, because, really? REALLY?

005/ Accessories. My mom's dressing philosophy is to wear a plain outfit and then "accessorize! accessorize! accessorize!" An interesting necklace (like my leather medicine pouch from Mountain Mike's in Idyllwild, CA, or any of the ones that Jaaa posted up) makes this kinda boring dress not so... boring. The sunglasses (the flat $5 ones my sister raved about here) are comical and they hide my face. And the purse- if you're a lady, bring a cute one around, yah?

Me waving "GOODBYE!":
A close-up of the easy-to-pair sunglasses:

I have re-established my love for HEALTH's song, Crimewave. Those drums... with this video... oooo guuurl, please! 
It just makes me want to dance like this:
or like this:

or maybe even a little bit like this: