Papa's Got A Brand New Bag.

I think I've become less witty since the beginning of the new year.

Since my BRAAAIN won't give me a proper intro for this post... NO FUNNY FOR YOU. Or you, and you, and you.

Let's get on with this then.
I got new purse. Ooops. "Look at banner, Michael." I mean, I bought myself a Collina Strada bag in a washed out grey.

And it's the bag of my disappointing dreams.

Is it worth its original $350 price tag? Soft cheesus, NO.

Is it worth the discounted $99 I got it for during the holiday sales? Sure, why not?

I mean, it holds ALL my shit, and my shit content rivals that of Mary Poppins and Hermione Granger.
+Overcoat: Anna Sui for Target. (finally came in hannndy)
+ON jeggings.
+Bass Saddle Shoes (another new-ish purchase).


Because she got me watching another damn British TV shooooow! She already talked about Law & Order UK (Ronny Brookes: you be my old, OLD man boo), which is AWWESOME (no guns! constables! wigs! james steele!).

Newest obsession? MISFITS. The premise sounds like crazy shit, but trust me... trust me.
I knooow people are gonna say, "Ohhh, you only like it because it's BRITISH."

Uh, YA. Duh-doy. A UK series/season only last 6 episodes (so each episode means something)... and they got BOMB music.

Proof? Here's the sexy time music used during sexy time between two of the characters:
Haters gonna hate.