"DAMN, she makes lazy look GOOD." A Jaya-type of interview.

One of my favorites; it's easy peasy but all kinds of jazzy. "Too jazzy?" Ha! That's for J.

Jaya just did an interview for the blog, The Plump Pinay (and for those not in the know, "pinay" stands for "female filipino")! Internet high-five!

Go read it. Go. Now. GIT! Go learn about Jaya and maybe you'll pick up a thing or two... or three.

**Things that'll BLOW YOUR MIND about my sister (and maybe even a little about yourself):
+ She DIGS menswear (but still goes girl-nuts for shoes).
+ She's pretttty loquacious, or in her words, "verbose." I mean, "brick and mortar store"? Whaaa?
+ I inspire confidence in her?! I'm "never ever callus"?! Maybe she can't verbalize my facial expressions... how would you describe "eyebrows-raised-grimaced-face" or "confused-face-shaking-head"?
+We're twins (maybe you guys knew that? maybe not? surprise?).

Soooo go check out her tumblr/blog, if you haven't already, and try to cop her style @: I've got the Heebie Jeebies.


  1. Gimme that jacket. I love your sister...and you as well.

  2. you two are AWESOME! you always make me smile <3 <3 <3