Royal/T + Art Walk.

The other week, The sis and I had a hankering for iced mint tea (for me), iced coffee (for her), and gooood grub so we headed down to Royal/T

If you are EVER in L.A., specifically Culver City, sh-sh-check out this seriously cute cafe/restaurant/art space/shop; It's a Japanese-ophile's delight! The biggest draw of this multi-purpose space are the waitresses: they are dressed in "Lolita"-style french maid uniforms


And the food and beverages they serve there are ACTUALLY good! WHHHAA x 2??!

**SMALL ASIDE: One of the previous times we went there, there was an exhibit for the 03948203th-ish (okay, maybe 35th?) anniversary of Hello Kitty, and we got a petit-fours and cupcakes decorated with the famous kitty-kat's face.

This time, serendipitously, The sis and I happened upon the Culver City Art Walk, which was taking place on Washington Blvd. at the same time we were there, inside the tens of hundreds of nearby galleries. 

Okay, maybe not hundreds... but you can't throw a stick without hitting a small gallery, art space, or someone's personal studio. We braved the hot weather and big crowds (aggggh) and walked the 10+ blocks to look at local art work. 

Here are some of the pieces of work we saw (CAUTION: the following photos were taken with my camera phone, so prepare to do some eye squinting):

 @ Royal/T:

Be prepared to have your MINDS BLOWN (by adoooorableness!): 
YES, IT'S A CUPCAKE ON MY HEAD. An older white lady cooed at me, saying, "Ohhh, that's soo cute!" and pointed me out to her friends. AHHH, DON'T LOOK AT ME! PEOPLE OVVERLOAD. (Annnd NOPE, I didn't buy it).

Here are some other random works of art from various galleries (soooorrry, but I didn't get artists' names or titles):

***LASTLY: A skateboard-centric gallery had photobooth and Jaya and I NEVER miss a chance to take a picture (we've taken, like, 12 photobooth pictures, from places like the county fair to Frontierland at Knott's Berry Farm). Plus, it was free. There are tons of other pictures which you can check out over here.

It ain't the greatest, but it happened.

***EDIT: I was just looking at photobooth pictures from the aforementioned website and, OMG, ANDREW KEEGAN took a picture. "Whooo's Andrew Keegan?" you ask?! ANYONE over the age of 25 should know that he played Zack Dell (I actually had to look that up... that name doesn't float around my head...) from one of the greatest 90s movies: CAMP NOWHERE.


  1. The photobooth pictures are so lovely! I don't know Andrew keegan from Camp Nowhere (though I'm under 25 so I think it's excusable) but I DEFINATELY know him from 10 Things I hate About You!

  2. i mostly remember andrew keegan from when he dated leann rimes (thanks to tigerbeat for givin me the scoop!) and my 11 year old prepubescent self thinking she was too busted looking for him. i was a hater.

  3. camp nowhere ahahaha. and omg @ the previous commenter who referenced "tigerbeat" oh holy crap.

    the cupcake headband thing is TOO CUTE. as are the photobooth pics!

  4. I'm going to full-on turn this into a "I <3 ANDREW KEEGAN" forum because I'm going to (shamefully) admit I use to have a HUGE crush on him... and I might have written him a fan letter? Shame spiral! Street cred revoked. (But I'm pretty sure I got a signed photo, so, you know, totally worth it.)

    And hell yeah on Tigerbeat! By the way, "TIGERBEAT" -- best magazine name EVER. Even further down the shame spiral -- I also culled a few (or a lot) of JTT photos from that magazine, too. SOB for my childhood.

  5. can you two write a book about california and all the places to visit please????