Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers. DEAL WITH IT.

Here's a very, VERY short story.*(spoiler alert: I end up with NEW SHOES).

I'm not a very good storyteller, so bear with me.  Let's DO THIS.

My sister, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, finds a pair of shoes she wants somewhere deep in the bowels of the internet (there are times when I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of shit she can find on the compu-tater). She breaks her "I-don't-need-a-new-pair-of-shoes-EVERY-week" rule,  bust out her credit card and buys a pair of verrrry cooooool oxfords from Osborn Design.

End of story? NOOOOOOO (sorry, the story's not that short. I gots problem with conciseness).

She sends them to the house (her apartment is "mail/package"-unfriendly); I get the box, open the box, and low-and-behold, inside that box was the CRAZIEST COOL shoes I've seen in a while.

I take a couple of pictures to email Jaya. I call her. Then I tell her, "I WILL BUY THESE SHOES OFF OF YOU."



  1. i just commented your flickr, omg, i am so jealous

  2. Oh, you. Have so been wanting those damn Osborn shoes. The gals over at Instaboner have them as well. Me, still not cool cos I don't have none. Hmph.

  3. You ladies are FAAAAST with these comments! Like I wrote back on jennifer ann's flickr comment- wearing them to sleep AIN'T CRAZZZZY, RIGHT?! Because I'll have dreams of breaking in the shoes... ummmm, I'm going to sleep now.

    @corazones rojos: Save up some $$ and GETS THEM! That's what I'm making my sister do (all over again).

  4. I think the world doesn't want me to own a pair of black & white shoes. That's right, THE WORLD. JEARS. WHERE ARE YOU ZEBRA-STRIPED DOC MARTENS?!?! You were suppose to be in my hands a week ago!

    AND. Are you buying them off me or are you "buying them off me?"

  5. *Gasps and Shrieks* They are SOOOOOO amazing!
    I wish I didn't have giant ogre feet, I would run, not walk, run to where ever these shoes are sold! I would kill you if I was your sister, making her re-order and wait again! LOL

    Love the blog, new dedicated follower, right here!

    - Franceta ♥

  6. @Franceta: HAHAHAHA! No, there was murder in her voice when I called her. Ohhh, and the shoes go up to EUR 45 (if that helps) for certain designs. So if they're calling your name and you like to play fast and loose with your $$...

  7. I love 'em! And they look so comfy!

  8. I've added your blog to my blog roll and would love if you all could do the same. <3