Clomp clomp. Clomp... clomp clomp.

^ THAT is either the sound of me tripping and totally eating pavement or the echoes my most recent shoe purchases make everywhere I go (by "or" I probably/actually mean "and").

Who got new shoes?? I GOT NEW SHOES!... like a few months ago... and a couple of weeks ago. Both are from Urban Outfitters and both have a kindapretty comfortable wooden heel.

001// 6x6 by No. 6 For Urban Outfitters:

002// Ecote Studded Wedges:
A screencap (with details about the shoes):

I truly sound like a GIAAAANTSCREEAAAAAMER when I stomp around in these wood-tastic heels.

**MUSIC: COSBY EDITION (aka "Another reason to be jealous of Bill Cosby"):

Cliff Huxtable was one of the original "cool dads" on TV.

Why? Because he knew how to dubstep before any of us musicsnobundergroundindiehipsters understood how to dance (and because of "them sweaters" -->TheCosbySweaterProject.tumblr.com).