That's Sooo Stochastic: The Random+Random Edition.

Jajajaja recently did a "6 CONFESSIONS" post, and like with most of our lives, I'ms a'gonna copy her because I really have nothing new or exciting to write as of late.

But I really hate the idea of confessing my horrible, horrible sins and lifestyle ways to the internets (remember people: anything and everything you put online will haunt you later in life, if not your dreams), so here are just some random thoughts and things about me and/or that have popped into head that need documenting.
001/ Read and finished this book a couple of months ago (because I love the movie so much):
I didn't loooove it looove it as much the movie (I mean, who doesn't love Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman??), but if you want a book that might make you wonder about the monster living around you and inside of you, then go for it. What REAAALLY got me, though? Exchange some of the Armani/Oliver Peoples/Ferragamo references with, I dunno, Rick Owens/Karen Walker/No. 6 shoes, and this book couldbewouldbe a relevant reflection of current society. What? BLEW. YOUR.  MIND.

002/ Currently reading (because science+religion+Carl Sagan intrigues me):

003/ I've been obsessed with finding the DEKOPON, aka Satsuma, or the Sumo Orange (origins: Japan):
The almost 15-year journey of the Dekopon to the States reads like a hard pulp mystery novel of the 1930s and 40s. Orange lovers smuggling forbidden seeds from Japan; farmers sneakily grafting branches onto fruit trees; the off-the-level sweetness that seduces everyone who tastes it; the SECRETSLIES(no videotape?)ORANGESMANDRINSTANGERINES! Read the article that forced me to search for this citrus- which I eventually found at the Japanese market. Thoughts: Fortunately, it IS as sweets as described; unfortunately, it still taste like a tangerine.

004/ If Kristy Thomas from The Babysitters' Club were an adult (...and real) she'd be Julia from Perfect Couples.
Anyone watch "Perfect Couples" on NBC? No? Anyone? All right, whatevs, I LIKE IT. After watching the first few episodes, I was all like (to myself), "OMG, Julia IS Kristy. Totally Kristy." Similarities: both are prettty sporty and competitive; both are "mistakened" for lesbians ("It's the way you walk. It's confusing."); the badly, BABLY done-up hair; their inabilites to flirt or take a compliment ("I don't even... I don't even know... WHAAT?!"); and their way of forcing their bodies to heal themselves.

005/ The words "JIGGAWATTS" and "SCHADENFREUDE" have been running nonstop through my mind. Say it to yourselves: "Jiggawatts". "Schadenfreude" (pronounced: sha-den-freud-ah, and throw a lil Germanic accent to it). Doesn't it feel nice? Yaaah. Schadenfreude. Now scream this next quote when you're zooming down the freeway:
Mmmm hmmm, Doc Brown knows.

Ohhh, not THOSE types of CDs, silly! I mean the $$ type, "Certificates of Deposit" (click on link to learn about them). After getting my tax refund, I thought (agains, to myself), "I should TOOOTALLY be adult about this." I'm at an age where money needs are real and important (like, I dunnnno, paying off my student loans and getting myself to a bigass trip??), and ICAN'TBELIEVEI'MSAYING THIS, but I want my money to work for me. The interest on my savings account is shit and the $$ sitting in my checking account is LAZY. I know I gonna sound old, but save your money kids!

006b/ Lastly, because GIFSAREMYLIFE:
from fuckclub.tumblr.com
Ohhhh, and all photos and pics found on Goooooogle Images.