That's Soooo Stochastic: Rude Boy + Baking Edition.

Random No. 001: Rude Boy Outfit.
Like many of you, my sister is a source of sartorial inspiration (BTW, send Jaya some LOOOOOVE  because she is betwixt and between and all mixed up in an "ARTIST'S DILEMMA" (**cough, cough, hint, nudge)).

Sooo, I stole... I mean borrowed... her wardrobe staples and threw this strangely comfortable outfit together.
Rude Boy-lite.
Rude Boy-lite.
Rude Boy-lite.
+ Jaya's Marc Jacobs' Young Mens polo: Salvation Army ($3!).
+Belt: Target.
+Jaya's black shorts: ON (jeans cut into shorts).
+Vintage purse: Melrose Trading Post/Fairfax Flea Market.
+Plaid faux-creepers: Vans store.

Random No. 002: When I'm bored, I bake things.
Over the past few months, I got the urge to create things. Since my hand-eye coordination is comparable to Mister Magoo's, soooo anything computer-based/wood burning/wood whittling/DIY sewing projects are borderline dangerous to me.

I turned to baking a couple of years ago when, one day, I realized that fresh baked bread is THE MOST COMFORTING scent in this gorgeous universe.

Here are some of food that I've baked (and fried.... yummmmm):

Tri-colored pastel cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Used a modified recipe from OurBestBites.com.

J and I mandolin'd purple potatoes to make chips and whipped up an easy garlic aoili dipping sauce on the side.

MY MOST FAVORITE FOOD (that is, right now) would be Brazilian Cheese Bread. I cannot explain the bizarre texture (it has the chewiness of boba on the inside, but the crustiness of baguette on the outside), but go to your nearest Brazilian restaurant and gobble one up.

Lastly, my favorite food to make is a classic French Bread. Kneading dough is one of the most (**sidenote: I seem to be using the phrase "one of the most" A LOT in this post. Whaaa the whaaa, emotions?? Get A GRIP, Self.) cathartic experiences a person can... experience. Save for, as Jaya just deftly pointed out, a "crying jag."

Random No. 003: I L-O-V-E the autumnal season... of television.