El Perro del Mar & Taken By Trees @ the Troubadour.

Jaya and I snagged ourselves a couple of tickets to see El Perro del Mar and Taken By Trees @ the Troubadour and it was FAN-TAS-TIC. Since we didn't bring a camera (stuuuupid double As!!!! shaking my fist in the air!! damns youse!), here are some highlights of the show:

001/ It was my first time at the Troubadour in West Hollywood! Parking was shit but the venue was small, loud, and super intimate.

002/ Taken By Trees' front woman, Victoria Bergsman, made me love the tambourine just a little bit more (and made me want bangs,  again).

003/ El Perro's Sarah Assbring just KILLED ME. Her bat-winged blue romper paired with her adorable soldier-march dancing... no words, just no words for the adorableness-ness.

004/ Apparently, Corazones Rojos was there! WHHHHAA? am I right? Small world. I didn't ACTUALLY see her (I'm not always the most observant person, hahahah), but in case she saw me or my sister: I was the giant (literally GIANT; I was wearing 4" platform wedges) leaning against the back wall wearing: black leather jacket with gold trim, black lace top, black bow belt, black skirt , black tights, and these creamy Jeffrey Campbell shoes (wowwee, that's a-lots o' black). Jaya was wearing her trad-ishy black shorts and thigh highs socks with our recently scored plaid shirt (the one from the last post). Awwww, I wished we had taken pictures! Double AA batteries!!!!!

005/  Both ladies sang cover songs! Taken By Tree covered Animal Collective's My Boys and El Perro covered The xx's Shelter (click on links to hear song/download mp3).

006/ Ohhhhh, lastly: the dude standing in front of us was THE BEST DANCER IN THE WORLD. He looked like a regular frat boy schulb and danced like every song was an Elvis song. He knee was going, like, a mile a minute, head swaying side-to-side... all this going on to his own beat (read: not any of the songs playing).

03.03.10 Ticket stub


  1. I can't believe you've never been to the Troubadour before. The best place to see any band, in my opinion.

    Man, I'm so bummed I didn't see y'all there either! I was the one wearing a long black velvet skirt and military blazer standing in the front near stage right.

    But seriously, my friends and I couldn't stop talking about Sara's romper! And yes, those two darling Swedes were quite AMAZING.

  2. It's CRIMINAL, isn't it?! I've been to the newly renovated Palladium twice already, but the Troubadour once?? CRIMINAL.

  3. hello there! I found your blog from one of your photos on the flickr fatshionista group.
    I wanted to tell you that I really like your style and look forward to coming back and seeing what other outfits you post!